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Ms. Talish Ray

Talish Ray is the founding partner of TRS Law Offices and takes pride in the fact that she is a generalist in the world of specialists.


She has worked extensively with corporate houses, individual clients and not for profit organizations. She has appeared before the Supreme Court of India as well as the various High Courts and Tribunals around the country and has extensive experience in the area of practice involving corporate structuring, mergers and acquisition, court litigation and, policy work.


Outside of her law practice she also serves as the Convener for the panel for gender sensitivity at the Executive Council of the Confederation of Indian Industries (Delhi State).


She is also the project director for which is an early stage gender program for young girls and women launched in December 2016.In her spare time she conducts ‘by invitation only’ heritage walks around the city of Delhi. Currently in their 5th season, about 4000 school students and 600 adults have joined her on her walks.


Talish is presently training for her Dan II blackbelt in Taekwondo. She also combines her love for history and travelling and occasionally finds the time to write about her travels.


Talish was a delegate in the 2015 Australia India Youth Dialogue in Sydney and Melbourne. She is currently serving as part of the Steering Committee.



Dr. Amrita Bahl

A graduate of the doctoral program in Health Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, Dr. Amrita Bahl is passionate about harnessing the power of people for collaborative change. A former American Association of University Women (AAUW) International Fellow and first Virginia Palmer Fellow, her interests lie in building social capital through the use of peer networks to effect social change. In the past, she has worked in the Indian prison systems on a UNODC funded project with India Vision Foundation to train prisoners to be peer health educators.


Prior to her education at Columbia University, Amrita graduated with a Masters in Applied Clinical Psychology from the University of Delhi and worked as a Communications and Behavioral Skills Trainer at GE Capital International Services, where, in addition to developing and conducting training sessions, she managed the rollout of Plateau Learning Management System for tracking employee-training roadmaps.


She also consults with private and public sector organizations on monitoring and evaluation of development projects in Education and Health and was retained by IL&FS Education to develop quality frameworks and design monitoring and evaluation systems for the ICT in Government schools project with nearly 20000 schools covered under their mandate. Amrita has also conceptualized and edited a series of Illustrative Story Books for a young audience based on the life story of a public figure.


Presently, Amrita is serving as the Officer on Special Duty to the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry.



Dr. Archana Singh

Archana Singh is a PhD in Disability Studies. Along with expertise and experience as an Inclusion and Diversity


Specialist  for  the  past  20  years,  she  has  in depth  understanding  of  Academics,  Education  for  all, Skill  Development

& Traini ng,  Expressive  Arts  Therapy,  Policy Development, Program  Implementation,  Content Development, Business Development,   Strategic   Management, Research   Analysis,   Corporate   Training, Mainstream  Teaching,  Critical  Care,  Trauma  &  Loss,  Grief  &  Bereavement,  Counseling, Montessori  teaching, Gender sensitization & Gender equality encompassing the overall well- being of diverse segments  like Persons with Special Needs, marginalized groups, all genders particularly girls & women and minority. She unites her work proficiency   as   pedagogic   and   restorative using   tools   for   self- awareness,   acceptance,   evolution   and empowerment. Her passion to bring about change has enabled her to pioneer several campaigns to  bring about

inclusion in India and overseas. She has a knack for conceptualizing start up establishment s and departments -bringing them  to  fruition  encircling all  activities  required  thereof. She  has  brought  forth  a  synergy  of  myriad

experiences from working in  Government, Corporate, Healthcare, Developmental, Sports an d the Social Sectors.

She  is  trained  to  work  with  and  for Diverse  Populations  nationally  and  internationally.  She  led  an  Indian Delegation to the  Scottish  Parliament as part of a UKIERI (United Kingdom India Education Research Initiative)

on Inclusion, which made an impact on the Indian system of skill development. She is abreast with working with varied  age  groups,like  children,  adolescents,  adults  and  the economically  weaker  sections.Her  book  titled  “ Mixed  Emotions”  is  due  for  publication  next  year.She has  been  successful  in  raising  funds  for  charity events/campaigns/organizations  etc  related  to  Diversity  and  Inclusion  in  the  multifarious  sectors  she  has  been associated with, in order to perpetuate the cause. Her determination is to display total commitment and success in all her endeavors.


Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) | Master Trainer for Inclusive Education (2016 to current) Training principals of CBSE affiliated schools nationwide on Inclusive Education. Training on Self - reflection about Inclusion, Awareness  on  Disability, Understanding  Classroom  Barriers, Inclusion/  Exclusion ,Understanding Inclusion,  Orientation  and  Mobility, Impairment,  Disability,  Handicap  and  related  terms,  Knowing  Various Disabilities,  Need  for  Multidisciplinary  team,  Impact  of  Diagnosis  or  Labeling,  Role  of  National  and  International  Institutes and other organization working in the area of Inclusion, linking education initiatives  vof CBSE,  to regional and global levels,  identifying and executing inter - sectoral collaboration opportunities in close cooperation with all principals and schools. Case Study Analysis, behavior Modification, Planning Multilevel Instruction Development of Adapted Material,  Information Technology for Inclusion, Tools and Strategies, Role  of  national authorities and development  partners  in  Inclusion  and  their  Professional  Development,  Understanding  Provisions,  Exemptions, and Certification for Children with Special Needs, Elucidating recommendation programs and project approaches, plans, for  expansion  and  change.  Trained  over  200  principals.  Planning  further  for  education  for  sustainable development.


Conceptual,  analytical  and  technical  skills including  the  ability  to  develop  and  provide  expert  advice  on educational policy and strategic planning and management.Ability to collect evidence, synthesize and analyze information or data from various sources for informed decision-making purposes.A bility  to  identify  emerging  educational  trends,  needs  and  priorities  and  ability  to  plan  strategically  along  with demonstrated ability to translate strategies into project proposals or actionable recommendations.A bility to negotiate effectively and persuasively (orally and in writing) with various stakeholders at all levels, within and outside the Organization.Strong managerial skills and ability to lead a team.Excellent coordination and interpersonal skills.Prolific written  and  oral  communication  skills, including  the  ability  to  prepare,  present  and  discuss  findings  on issues  clearly  and  concisely.  Ability  to  work  in  a  team  and  to  maintain  effective  working  relationships  in  a

multicultural environment.Strong IT skills, including knowledge of MS Office software.Other Projects



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