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About Us

Playful Minds Preschool set up in 2014, follows a holistic approach to learning, offering a tender and nurturing environment for the little ones. Constructed with an open-ended approach, our children learn in an atmosphere of freedom with enough opportunity to happily scratch their Playful Minds. We believe in encouraging our children to be “thinkers”, providing a platform for communication and self - exploration, teamwork, problem solving, risk taking and reflection. Our curriculum is thematic- exciting, flexible and sensitive to a child’s interest and the themes can last as long and go as in depth as dictated by the child. Our size is our greatest strength, small by intent and design; it promotes openness, accessibility, and collaboration.

Our Ethos

“A school’s culture and philosophy should resonate with you and your family’s values”

We nurture the mind towards a lifelong love for learning with a curriculum that allows freedom to explore and express.

We nurture the body through self-expression in movement, dramatic play, art, and music.

We nurture the spirit by providing a safe, loving, and culturally rich place of belonging.

Our Values

Our Methodology

The entire approach at Playful Minds is based on incorporating play into every facet of learning. We facilitate the little ones to think deeply and find their own solutions through play, exploration and first-hand experience. Our educators use varied approaches and strategies to provide countless avenues for learning to make this experience more meaningful. Alongside the open ended approach, we provide children with quiet work time incorporating the Montessori methodology with its didactic apparatus that encourages the child to self-correct while honing their age appropriate skill set.

At Playful Minds Preschool, Playway and Montessori methodology are perfectly interwoven into our flow of the day giving our children an option to make choices for themselves, and providing them with interactive tools that pave the way for critical thinking, communication, collaboration & creativity.

Why Us

At Playful Minds we aspire to build a community on both a small and large scale. We believe that a Preschool is the warm fire we are gathering around, where people from so many walks of life are agreeing on a philosophy that will guide and launch the direction their children follow. It is a home away from home. The place where your child looks forward to going each and every day, seeing their teacher and friends, and learning new things. A place where children and parents feel comfortable, happy and safe.

Both my children have gone through Playful Minds. During my 2 years of cancer treatment, the school looked out for my son and went out of their way to look after his needs during school hours. They enjoy introducing new things and programs and are doing their best to provide a safe and happy environment for your child.