sonali jain- founder director


She has created this little haven for the children, which is an oasis of joy, an odyssey of wonder and a place that children love to go to. Sonali firmly believes that since play school is the first point of contact for your child with the outside world, it is our responsibility, and a huge one at that, to ensure that, these little ones, have the most positive  and loving outlook to the world.


For this, all her efforts are directed towards positive affirmation for the children. By way of infrastructure, she believes in in sourcing the finest and most contemporary resources for the school.


Sonali is hands on, making a positive impact on the playful minds family, with her able guidance and leadership qualities.


Sonali Jain is the founder and Director of Playful minds. But more than this, she is the soul of the school. She nurtures it (as opposed to 'runs it') like a protective, indulging mother does her Baby.


Hailing from a business family, Sonali herself has acquired all the qualifications required for running family businesses. But, after all this, she decided to answer the calling of her heart.. Her love for little children.

shilpa dutt

Shilpa is the vibrant face of playful minds, embodying the name itself. Full of high octane energy, she is all over the school premises, looking into everything that happens here. She has a keen eye for details and is an able administrator, with a firm grasp on the matters of daily running of the school. She is the go to person for all, right from the top management to the junior staff, to the outside contractors. Her love for the children is what drives her passion for the school.




She brings with her valuable experience of working with top international level play schools and this contributes immensely to the changing ethos of Playful minds.


Shilpa has brought about the change in the teaching methodology by introducing the 'Playway' method of learning at Playful minds. The teaching staff has been trained by her to adopt the internationally popular Playway style of taching skills to the pre school level children. This methodology lays stress on the children developing and learning new skills, in a fun, stress free manner, where the child is encouraged to discover his talents and passions, on his own, under the subtle guidance from our educators, in a playful manner.

Shilpa had encouraged the method of making the learning at playful minds, holistic for our little children. The whole approach is child centric and his/ her interests are paramount in this method of teaching.

shweta prakash

A true Montessorian at heart Shweta has been working in early childhood education for over a decade. A graduate in Political Science Honours from Lady Shri Ram College, She has followed her degree with a Diploma in Montessori Training from Aardee School Sujan Singh Park. Educating young minds within a classroom environment has been her forte.


As the Curriculum Director of Playful Mind’s She ensure learning styles and uniqueness of each child is brought forth, making erudition a holistic and an invigorating one.



our team

Each Playful Minds educator is carefully chosen for their lively and energetic personality, their nurturing approach to childcare and their enthusiasm for early childhood development. Specially trained in the Playful Minds teaching methodology, our team understands how children thrive and learn best. They also understand how important parents and caregivers are to each child’s overall development, ensuring quality-bonding time between adult and child during sessions, as well as being on hand to impart developmental guidance when needed.

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