meet our

beloved polka!

Polka is a very playful elephant. She’s giggly and fun and loves to make everyone laugh! She’s the life and soul of any party because she loves to sing, jump, skip, tumble, stretch and roll. In fact, play any kind of music and before long, Polka is tapping her feet with her pretty painted toenails, swinging her trunk and swishing her tail to the rhythm of the music.


Besides dancing and tumbling to keep fit, Polka loves to solve problems. She’s so good at working things out that all her friends come to her for help. She loves to paint and do art and craft and loves all the colours in the rainbow. That’s why she loves to wear her favourite polka dot pajamas - because every dot is a different colour!


Polka can be a bit mischievous at times, playing tricks on her friends, but they love her all the same. She’s a loyal, honest and very caring friend, helping her forest pals if they find something hard to do, urging them to try again and giving them lots of positive encouragement.


Everybody loves Polka! And you can meet her when you come to class, so come and say hello to Polka today!




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