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Occasionally, class activities may be recorded for media and academic purposes. By signing these Terms & Conditions, parents/ guardians grant permission to PLAYFUL MINDS ENRICHMENT LIMITED to use the child’s photograph(s), art work and voice in any printed collateral, video or any other promotional material of any kind.




Should we receive a testimonial during a child’s attendance of a programme or following their withdrawal, we may use this, or part thereof, in various online and printed platforms for promotional purposes.


public holidays


There are no after school classes on gazetted public holidays.  In the event that a public holiday occurs twice on the same day in the same term, a replacement class will be arranged.


class allocation  


Playful Minds reserves the right to recommend an alternative programme, class level or in some cases complete withdrawal, should the educator/instructor feel the child is unable to benefit from their current programme.




Playful Minds reserves the right to terminate the registration of a student at any time, for any reason.


health policy


In order to ensure the health and wellbeing of all our students, their families and our staff, please do not send your child to the centre if he/she or their accompanying caregiver is sick. Anyone who has had a fever in the past twenty-four hours is requested to stay at home to rest.

In the event of an emergency, a member of Playful Minds staff will contact the child’s parents or guardian on the number mentioned in our records. If, after every effort to do so, it is not possible to contact a parent or guardian, the Management of Playful Minds Enrichment Limited shall assume the authority to act in the best interests of the child.  Parents or guardians may not hold the management of Playful Minds Enrichment Limited responsible or liable in any way for any unforeseen accidents.




Please do not leave your child unattended (less than 5 years), at any time, while on the Playful Minds premises. However, please do ensure that your child is left at their respective class on time and collected when the class ends.

In the event of an emergency or if a parent/guardian is unable to collect a child immediately, please inform our front office so that we can arrange for a member of staff to look after your child.




From time to time, Playful Minds arranges educational visits, outings, sports and extracurricular activities. Whilst teachers and staff will always take every precaution to ensure the safety and well-being of a child, the Management of Playful Minds Enrichment Limited does not accept any liability in the case of unforeseen accidents and may not be held responsible for or liable in any manner by parents or guardians.


leased premises


Playful Minds Enrichment Limited is operated from leased premises. Whilst every intention is to complete the academic year in these premises, we may not be held responsible in the event of having to vacate the premises, before completion of the academic year, should this be the case.




Playful Minds Enrichment Limited may not be held responsible for the safety of the child or their attendants, or any other persons, or for the loss of, damage or destruction to any of their belongings, by theft, fire or other cause whatsoever, or for any loss or damage whatsoever by reason of any defect in the building, fire, storm, tempest, lightning, national emergency, labour disputes, strikes, lockouts, civil disturbances, explosion, inevitable accident, force majeure or any other cause not within the control of Playful Minds Enrichment Limited.




In the event of any legal matters arising concerning students or student-related cases, these will be governed by the laws and regulations of India and the courts in Delhi shall have jurisdiction.


communication via e-mail/sms


By submitting and signing this Registration Form and Terms & Conditions, you agree to receive future communication via email or SMS from Playful Minds. This may include regular updates on your child’s progress from educator to parent, regular issues of our newsletter and any information about special programmes and events. We will not share your contact details with any other party. Please email us at info@playfulminds.com if any of your contact details change.




Playful Minds (including all staff) will undertake all necessary safety precautions and act in a responsible manner to ensure the safety of each child in their care, for the duration of any programme the child attends. No employee and/or agent of Playful Minds Enrichment Limited may be held responsible or liable for any injury, loss of property or other damage that may be caused to, or suffered or sustained by the child during their time in the centre, or in the immediate vicinity.


modification of terms & conditions


Playful Minds Enrichment Limited reserves the right to amend any of the above Terms & Condi-tions from time to time as deemed appropriate.



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